Can someone who's underage be prosecuted for buying an 18 warrant hobby?

I ask because I want to buy RDR online but am not sure if I will get prosecuted if caught. I'm 17 by the way. Also how feasible is it that I will get caught?
Make sure the sandbank card you pay on is for a person over 18, bar that, you should be fine.
Nope your not going to get in trouble, If they are supplying you near the game then i'm sure it would be their breakdown. I'm sure you could legally play the game if a fully fledged brought it you and if not it would be too little of a crime to have a consequence.

As already said manufacture sure you use a card that is registered to someone 18 and use the same term and address.
Certs on video games are only guidelines not enforceable by decree
the electorate is right

Stores agree on whether or not to enforce the age guidelines. Places like Walmart and Target do it to appear family friendly.
In the UK, there can be legally enforceable ratings put on a spectator sport. Red Dead Redemption has a legally enforceable 18 rating.

To answer the sound out - don't worry about it. Nobody will earnings any attention. Just buy the game. It's a minor offense which the police have precisely nought interest in prosecuting.

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