Is it lawful to expect relatives to work so long?

my mate at work did 17 hours. came back home for 5 hours. and after back to work for another 17h shift. is that legal at adjectives?
by law you should have a 10 hour crack between shifts. Though a lot of companies tend to ignore this because not abundant people know about it. If you turn round to the superior and say I thought you were supposed to enjoy 10 hours between shifts they usually panic and start following the rules for a while.
So, your saying he did 36 hours in two days.

Technically, it is not unjust. Unless he failed to have any breaks during that time or if the breaks be insufficient.

However, in this country it is generally unconstitutional to work 45 hours a week or more unless, you have legally agreed to waive that right.

He can as a result only work another nine hours, legally contained by that week!!
Under the Working Time Regulations 1998, regulation 10, a worker is entitled to a rest period of 11 consecutive hours rest in respectively 24 hour period during which he works for his employer.

However, there are a little special circumstances in which the entitlement to rest periods does not apply, for example, where on earth the activities involve a need for continuity of service or production or where on earth there is a foreseeable surge of activity. Also, if a shift worker change shift, it may not be possible for them to take their full rest entitlement before starting the untried pattern of work. In such a case the entitlement to each day and weekly rest does not apply.…
Depends on where you live. Around here shifts are individual supposed to be 12 hours, but breaks only need to be 1.... But the grease industry does not follow that at all, they are out there for a week and later home for a week, and they are pulling horribly long shifts.

If you are concerned contact a legal person within your area and ask them. That kind of information should be available for subsequent to nothing.
OTHERWISE HE WILL TURN NEUROTIC IF HE DOES NOT SLEEP WELL Source(s): COMMONSENSE No. The most you can work in any 24 hour time of year is 12.5 hours. A 17 hour shift is in itself illegal. Im not sure who it should be reported to, its any the HSE or the DTI Source(s): my union rep

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