If in that are no stupid question, consequently what big-hearted of question do stupid nation ask?

Do they get smart just within time to ask questions?

some associates will ask a genuinely normal sane cross-examine which warrants a 'think through' and then, an answer - nonetheless may be phrased so poorly, that its inviting the 'laughing (a) you brigade' and other Yahoo! Q & A trolls and anti-socialite parasites that infest this facility.

you see, sometimes you also get the peculiar 'bored person' who takes it upon himself to cause resentment between himself and others on here, as very well as a friction between people themselves who answer his/her questions !

these ethnic group get accused of self trolls - but then the accusers need solely look in the mirror to be reminded of their own selves !

what one person may deem a 'stupid question' may be deem as a 'very interesting' question.

just because a grill gets reported by 10+ people on here, doesn't necessarily copy anything substantial as to hint at the questioner's IQ, manners or behaviour - or any credible any.

what is there to say those 10+ society aren't themselves, highly devoid of an impressionable IQ , dearth in the manners department and posess terrible demeanour ?

as long as stupid people are allowed to procreate we will continue to own a legacy of stupid people and contained by turn, many a stupid question will be asked surrounded by years to come.

long may this NOT continue , of course.

the concept is to either convince stupid people their time is best spent - away from places approaching this, or simply to encourage them to make bigger fools of themselves than they already are.

I do not telephone anybody stupid nor do I approve of THIS question itself, however.

i think its wrong to want what a 'stupid question' is and isn't.

is my answer a stupid answer btw ?

all the best


~ " the peoples choice " ~ Source(s): can they count to 5ive ? I remember I had a modern plant manager I ask a question almost how he determine who work what shifts told me I was stupid got put on dark shift got laid off 2 weeks after that 8 month later he had a plant huge walk out so sometime it who receive the question might be stupid
see above
Liberal ones Source(s): May God Bless you and keep us adjectives safe from the progressive axis of evil,0bama,Pelosi&Reid I disagree.

I think in that are PLENTY of stupid questions.
The majority of the human population is uneducated, therefore stupid question have become the norm of society. So in turn through the eyes of society, stupid question are really intelligent because stupid is the norm of humanity. There will always be people who break this norm however. Those are the ancestors you want to associate yourself with. So I suppose what I'm saying is stupid inhabitants ask stupid questions, because the mass majority of humans are stupid. Source(s): My expansion of conscious and perception. I think it's adjectives down to interpretation. A stupid person doesn't think it's a stupid ask they're asking. Or is that just a stupid theory?
lol...in travel case you haven't noticed most on here already have a predetermined answer in the past they ask the question........maybe we should alteration the forum to a format like jeopardy...give the answer and ask for the quiz.....lol
they would ask something they didnt know the answer to.

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