What do you reflect on of some of the Labour hopefuls immediately aphorism they be contradictory beside their perspective?

Had they spoken out there would have be chance a long time ago of getting rid of Gordon! Where is he these days? Harriet is OK but if Diane doesn't gross number 1 she should make number 2 Or is this why Harriet gave her her finance, in the hope the number 2 place would still be hers!
It would be strange if they did.
sounds suspiciously similar to politics
They are only proverb it to try and get more votes. They should have spoken out sooner, and the fact that they didn't shows just how without delay they are willing to change their spots, and how untrustworthy they would be as person in charge.

I do feel sorry for the Labour Party members - what a poor bunch they hold to chose between! There isn't a decent potential leader among them.
There is a saying in map reading arts school "beware gross error" if your heading north then take no spot of your calculations if they point south.
My point is THERE IS NO LABOUR PARTY in the sense of NO LEFT WING PARTY concerned nearly the workers/people. A can of Peaches is still a can of peaches if you change the label to "contains apples". For god sake - DIANNE ABBOTT ? you could not have a more two faced politician. The other candidate all are from Oxford / Cambridge elite and own never had a proper job nor mixed next to ordinary people.
NO principles and no integrity = no beliefs and no hope.
The strength of the British democratic system is surrounded by having a very strong aversion party. This is impossible when all party have the same policies and ideology.
In short - the UK is stuffed and the workers and the poorest will be screwed to their knees.

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