Has David Cameron followed Tony Blair into becoming Americas foreign Lap Dog ?

David Cameron said he fully supports Obama on his hard line stance beside BP (the irony he made the statement in afganistan were we lone went in the first place after america and 9/11). Whilst Obama go on a Anti-British Rampage David Cameron clings on to Obama

50 Billion pounds wiped out

Sure BP has messed up but American Politicians are immediately more interested in Point Scoring and playing up to Anti British and Anti Foreign Feeling

BP pays 4 billion dollars annual to American Shareholders its listed within the New york Exchange as well it employs more Americans than Brits
I guess Obama would fairly his American Oil was owned by the Chinese,

I though with the see of David Cameron we would have a strong Defender of British Interest ditch America in Afganistan and Defeat the Al-Qaeda and forget something like Nation Building,the Taliban and Regime Change

Instead William Hague on his Visit to Washington is told by Hilary to play a constructive role in EU code : you have to assist bail out Greece and Spain etc

Obama also under the labour elected representatives secretly sent Guantanamo Bay prisoners to Overseas British territory
The Conservatives worship America so he'll never articulate anything against them because if he did try and distance us from America then we'd have to move closer to the EU
Obama would be proverb the same thing more or less BP if it were American owned. Remember the big Exxon spill in Alaska? People react in much the same track.

These companies are scum whether they're British, American, or Martian.
Those two situations are not comparable.

The decision to go to time of war in Iraq was indefensible. The condemnation of a "supermajor" grease company that drilled despite having insufficient controls in place should a soak happen is *entirely* correct.

BP acted irresponsibly and have be condemned for it - rightly so.

Wonderful irony, you attack the head of a political party that have a reputation for rampant capitalism when he joins the US in condemning a *private company* that have acted irresponsibly.

This is not a rampage against Britain, it's a rampage against an international oil company that happened to be formed surrounded by the UK.

The only common factor is grease, yet there's a striking contrast between the head of a capitalist deputation, vs the previous leader of (what used to be) a socialist party. Is David Cameron going to brand name lbMillions from an oil company because of his condemnation of er... an oil company (compare near Tony B Liar's deals with Korean grease companies)?

(Just to avoid accusation of bias, both left and right wing press reports included)

Totally contrary situation.

I don't doubt that we will remain America's faithful lap-dog - after all, the tories back Uncle Tony's decision to wear a collar and sit on Dubya's knee. But let's dawdle until it actually happens in the past slating them, eh?

ETA - You say you've not mentioned Iraq, but to be reasonable, there's no greater example of UK bowing down to the US than that.

ETA2. You really think that had it be Total, rather than BP, Obama would have acted any differently? Source(s): Getting sick of the rule being attacked for things they *might* do. Well there be Gordon Brown between them for three years, so he hasn't directly followed Blair in anything really.
He be never destined to be anything else ! A right-wing capitalist one too !
Too rash to tell, but I think he will be singing a different tune within the near future.
He's far worst than Blair at least Blair stood up for Britain. Cameron's tongue is right up Obama's a****
Sure, but how is any of this anti-British sentiment?

EDIT: You "believe?" So you've nothing concrete, zilch to cite or issue as proof? This is a fallacious argument then. There's zilch to it.

The tone that's being taken now is incredibly similar to the tone taken with Exxon when they dropped oil adjectives over Alaska. In fact, the tone was harsher because at hand was speculation that the captain have been piloting the ship drunk. Exxon, by the way, is American.
Something to do next to the Mau Mau uprising is sitting like a chip on his (Obama's) shoulder and if he wants to be anti-British next at least he's not hiding it. However, in a recesssion and on the losing side contained by a war against an insurgency you do not fuel speculation about an ally's highest oil company.
What you do is mobilise all available resources to verbs up the mess (including the military) and quietly send the bill to the companies truly responsible for the mess later.
Maybe Obama has be taking notes from the Russians about how to sucker grease companies to take risks and then boot them out when the time suits?
Not impressed at adjectives and it was always too much to hope for that he'd be a better class of politician than those that go before. I hope some other crisis doesn't come along and he thinks adjectives he needs to do is bluster.

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