Has The Saville Report finally given equality to victims of the Bloody Sunday Massacre?

What do you think will, and should happen to the perpetrators of this massacre?
Leave it to our Prime Minister, he will sort it!!
How can the family ever get justice when the soldiers enjoy neither answered for their crimes or are to be held accountable. Only a private prosecution if raised by the family will see them in a court.

A crime perpetrated by Whitehall to further their agenda at the time as are several bombings which have attributed to the IRA.

No justice purely getting closer to the truth about the parras and other forces who beat, murdered, persecuted and incarcerated innocent civilians surrounded by the name of British justice. Source(s): Ian: Report, the prime minister have apologised and told us all we have to hear, they be innocent, unjustifiable deaths. Oh my god, when will this stop, every few years there is another inquiry, inquest or investigation, im beyond sick of it. If you cant sort something resembling this out in 10 years, then what hope will you own in 38 years. How many race even remember it? Just wait - in 2015 it will be wager on in the headlines, and I approaching many people will simply alter the tv channel.

How old are the soldiers presently, many of the senior officers hold probably died of old age.
First of adjectives I'm really happy that the victims of bloody Sunday's names own been cleared, it must be a great relief to the family. I also believe that the victims were innocent and that they were murdered.

But I don't regard it'll ever be laid to rest, if anything this inquiry has just kicked everything up again. Next it'll be they want equality by the people who did this being put surrounded by prison, then if that doesn't go their path there will be a whole uproar more or less that too. As well as that now member of the Protestant communities are asking where are their apologies and huge amounts of money and attention for Bloody Friday? The Omagh bomb? The Enniskillen bomb? (even the pictures etc put up to remember this atrocity were taken down) etc. I comprehend that obviously the circumstances surrounding these are very different but specifically what people are/will be asking regardless.

20 years from now we'll still be audible range about the injustices of Bloody Sunday. Terrible and all as it be I think it has to be laid to rest at some point....but I don't presume that's going to happen for a long, long time yet.

Also I don't deduce the full truth will ever be known, due to IRA members not answering correct questions due to their oath

So have the victims family received justice today? How can anyone ever feel that they hold fully received justice after such a terrible entry? What would ever stop the hurt and put it right? Nothing can, that's why they will continue to push for things that they feel will stop it but at the finish off of the day nothing is going to put it right and zilch will take the hurt away.

I think surrounded by an ideal world the perpetrators should be brought to justice but they won't be because 40 years on how on loam could they provide evidence to do so? How can you prove who gave the order to do what? Whether they be following an order or acting alone? Yes, there are witness statements but you have need of more than that for a conviction of murder. It also has to be considered that republican and loyalist prisoners were released lower than the Good Friday agreement...where is the justice for the family of those they killed?

However when everyone meets their ruin they are judged and punished for their sins and justice is done :)
It has established that the victims be innocent.
Now I hope those soldiers responsible will face the full force of the law that they be supposed to be upholding.
The army officers responsible should be prosecuted for their actions
IDK I'm a short time ago wondering when the IRA will be "apologising" for the MASSACRE of all those INNOCENT CIVILLIANS (including two little kids, one of whom was individual 3) in their highly cowardly bombing attacks Manchester, Birmingham, London, Warrington etc,

Although given that the IRA be just sweet fluffy innocent little "freedom fighters" and its only the bleak bad nasty British army that can be effective of civillian massacre, I don't see this happening, do you?

I would happily see the demise penalty brought back for the pieces of **** who murdered this child:

Those that are guilty would not be jailed beneath the Amnesty scheme of the Good Friday Agreement. There has never be justice for the innocent victims in Ireland, we wouldn't enjoy the obscene image of McGuiness as a supposed Politician for starters.


Do you actually feel the vast majority of people that hold had a Father, Mother, Son etc murdered by terrorist scum, on both sides of the religious divide, enjoy felt justice be done by putting someone in jail for a few years? I know I wouldn't.
Although I dont agree with the loss penalty I think it should be briefly re-introduced for these cold bloodied kilers who slaughtered 14 innocent teenagers and inadequately injured 29 others at a peace protest. This has similarities to the Tiananmen Square massacre which the British constantly condemned. Hypocrites.
Thank you for your neutral question. The report has not be released at this time.

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