Could a british police officer move to america to be an officer nearby aswell?

Like would it be easier for an officer to move to america
It is not impossible. He would have to become an American citizen, and then exceed the required tests to get hired by a police department and complete the training, of late like someone with no prior experience.
If you can develop an american accent and make the addition of on a coupla pounds, sure.
If you obtain citizenship or a suitable work visa, they dont offer scheme like they do in Canada, Australia or New Zealand which recruits british police officer offering them citizenship at the end of a five year contract.

Which is a shame because when i was out surrounded by arizona a couple of years ago i ran into a police sgt who said they were desperatly understaff and could not find plenty suitable recruits with alot failing...and would welcome transfers from other countries forces similar to England etc but there is nothing set up beside the current US adminstration to do things like this.
I would muse so.

After all, a brainless cretin in a uniform is pretty much matching the world over, innit?

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