What does ''as you were'' mingy within police lingo?

I was watching, The Academy and the class keeps motto, ''As you were''. What does that really mean? Thanks in credit.
it means.. chill, relax,
it unsophisticatedly means ''go back to what you be doing'' like if they stand to attention cos someone entered the room afterwards 'as you were' means to relax and carry on working
Usually the prior command given is "class attention" or "xxx is present in the area."
When that soul enters, all stand too (at attention to bestow respect, to the ranking official, as acknowledging their presence amongst you)
When adjectives are at attention the command of "As you were" is given, meaning to go posterior to as you were before this party entered the area.
Stand still do not move,
It mode "Go back to being overpaid while you loaf give or take a few stuffing your fat face next to more doughnuts."

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