Should I resign as asked by employer who suspended me for a until criminal charge?

I was suspended from work no pay after person arrested for an assualt accusation outside of work. Unemployment has allowed me to collect. Its be about 4-5 months and the charges will be dropped soon but my work is pressuring me to sign resignation papers so they can fill my spot. They are motto its so I can be re hired again by the company. Will I I have to pay dismissal back if I resign now? If I veto to resign can they fire me as non hireable?
if the charges are dropped against you your firm owes you 4-5 months wages smaller number your benefits
that's why they want you to resign so you then can not sue them for loss of earnings.
the certainty is you are innocent till found guilty in the UK
unless you being accuse had a direct affect on there business they have no right to suspend you
go back to your employer and let somebody know them you want your job back, you want the wages you enjoy lost, and you want an apology
or you are going to take them to an Industrial tribunal
good luck Source(s): my go before they cant fire you, and FFS dont resign it sounds like a trick to either bring rid of you or take you back on below a less favourable contract, it lately doesnt sound rational that they want you to resign so they can hold you back on does it?
get legal advocate. rehiring for a start will be adverse to continued employment . it may be an excuse to have you leave and later they decide to decline any offer of employment!
since the overnight case is going to be dropped they cannot really refuse to re=employ you. I am surprised the company had suspended you anyways as it be not at work and was still awaiting a legal verdict. get proper legal counsel and or grouping advise as it would appear You are and have be shafted! any company can fill your spot by hiring temporary workers.

Get yourself a lawyer. If you sign anything other than you own been sacked you will not be allowed to receive Unemployment Benefit. And yes they will demand you pay rear legs any UB you have already received and could still prosecute you for making a false claim.
You do not say how long you own worked there? Or if the Assault was on someone who works at like peas in a pod place?

For some reason they do not want to sack you.
This could be because as the Assault charges are being dropped, so they lose that pretext for sacking you.
It could be because they have not followed their own proper procedures as laid down within your Contract of Employment, most companies give a Verbal Warning on the First Offence then a Written Warnings on the subsequent one (Some companies 2) then the after that is the time they can sack you.
It could also be they want you out but not to own to pay you Severance Pay (Mandatory after you have worked for a company for Min 2 years).

They do not want to gross you Redundant.
As they would have to declare the career you do as being ended, Which is why you are human being made redundant. This is because (By Law) If the job still exists they must offer you your situation back first before they can publicize it to find someone else to fill the job.
The crucial thing to remember is that whatever they voice in person the solitary reason that the UB office will purloin as your reason for leaving is what is put down within Black and White as they will take a copy of that for there files.

If you are surrounded by a Union go and ask your Union Rep's advice.

Andy C
NO! he can suspend with payment only - by law. Get a legal representative if necessary. He knows this which is why he requests you to resign.
I would not resign. Its wrong that they suspended you in the first place, you were not arrested for something profession related and you have not be found guilty. Sounds like they are jumping the gun so to speak. Hold your ground on this. It is possible that you will no longer receive dismissal if you resign, you are more likely to keep your dismissal if they fire you.

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