Why Should British Workers And The Unemployed Pay For The Bosses Economic Crisis?

Workers have no control over international capitalism but when the bosses system goes into crisis working class relations are always made to pay for it. Shouldn't the 'cuts' start at the top?
i think you are talking for the none workers who ponce of of us who maintain them in a style they have grown accustomed to . very well happy days are not here again and they are going to have to find there fat (a)rses of the bed and do some work close to the rest of us and not sneer a a job because they think it is beneath them. Source(s): Two million menial job are filled by immigrants ever year because the without a job can earn more on the dole. As Gerry says, the worker is nothing, he's smaller number than the dog mess on your shoes if you are a millionaire business owner. Who cares if you fire him - there are plenty out nearby willing to fill his available job - more so now that we have free movement from the EU and thousands are still hoping to come to the UK from poorer EU countries. And these folks come from countries where workers' rights are non existant, you can treat them like crap and they won't complain! Brilliant! Lets purely throw in a few insulting soundbites about how British ethnic group are "lazy" and "won't do" certain jobs for honourable measure to justify our crappy decision.

I'm sure Cameron wouldn't dream of making those who actually CAUSED this economic mess settle up for it. No as usual those who have to "tighten their belts" are the ones whose belts are already so tight they can't actually walk any further. He and his well heeled "chums" will be just fine, thankfulness . . . .
Because the workers are the trash of the earth, idle, indolent, petulant, and own no idea how increasingly hard it is for Members of Parliament to squirm their expenses now, and they have to state their Swiss bank accounts (and they are not cheap you know), and do you think that nepotism is glib when they have to try to cover it up?
Taking back-handers and lying convincingly are high pressure skills you know.
As for the out of work, ugh, they are the unwanted, sub-human, incapable, helpless, inadequate, incapable, incapacitated, incompetent, ineffective, inept, paralysed, powerless, unfruitful, unproductive, drains on our society. (I know, i am one)
For the most part,working class general public accept their lot.They feel that within is no point in fighting for a better share of the goodies because the money men enjoy absolute power.Money is power and if you have shed loads of it you would be surprised what you can carry out.The bankers seem untouchable.The multinational conglomerates who command billions, make their own rules and rule looks on,powerless.In many cases a company director earning millions pays smaller amount tax than his cleaner.So much for our fair society.And as for wide open screen TV's, wake up and look at the existing world.There are many low paid workers out within struggling to meet the food bill with as little as twenty quid a week. But as expected if your heads in the clouds, you dont seize to see it.Or maybe you just dont want too.
They shouldn't but they other do and always will. I've come to the conclusion they must like the style it is as they always vote for these shysters in establishment
Why indeed, Wolfie?

As to cuts starting at the top, it makes me think of the French Revolution. Yes, why not - you on the guillotine, hauling up the blade, me next to my knitting - no, on second thoughts, I really like horses, so I'll drive the tumbril!

Shevek, seize a musket, and remember, aim low, at their belts, not their heads!

Ca Ira! Les Nouveaux Aristocrates a la lanterne! Bring it on!
That's the way it is.
Workers all over the world are paying for the monetary crisis caused by US bosses, ably assisted by Bush ,and Brown.

Just like within the 1930s.

The pain is just give or take a few to start.
Remember the 1929 Crash resulted in the fabulous 1930s.
Good to see you rear legs on these pages, Wolfie.
Your question have provoked the usual response from the doom and gloom merchants who think we, the underclass, own to be grateful for the crumbs from the bosses' table, and accept it when those crumbs grow a lesser amount of in number.
I believe when unemployment hits 5 million, within about 10 months time, benefits are cut to an all time low, and those contained by work are working 100 hours a week fro lb2 an hour, we might see a change in people's attitudes, and team spirit developing amongst working class people, but it needs to be international.
One of the problems is that, those contained by work see the unemployed and the poor as people they are forced to hang on to out of taxation, and falsely perceive themselves to be middle class, when, in genuineness we are all working class.
Too many, whilst bemoaning their own lot within life, are only too prepared to have a pop at those workers, such as public servants, rail workers, and BA cottage crew, who are prepared to stand up, not only for their own rights, but to protect services.
It is left to culture like us to agitate, educate and organise.
They should not.

Personally, I do not see the obligation for cuts. A Robin Hood tax on the banks would elevate loads of money, and hit the institutions that have brought about the 'need' for these cuts as okay. Source(s): http://www.youtube.com/user/OxfamGreatBr… They shouldn't but they will. The Cameronistas of the Coalition are nouveau Thatcherites with the old anti-working class attitudes supposedly dressed surrounded by the Empress' new clothes. With a Cabinet full of public school millionaires it is not predictable that cuts will start at the top. They are keenly aware of which side they are on in the class time of war they are conducting.

Cameron, in his latest newsletter from No 10, baldly states that the cuts are nearly making Britain an acceptable place for investors. In other words a low wage economy near a biddable workforce and low operating costs. Nothing about making the country a good place for tedious people to live.

As for workers having no control over international capitalism: truly we can have an effect. But only if we conduct yourself in co-operation with workers contained by other countries:


As others point out the current crisis is not a unique event and workers have other paid for capitalist crises. It is way beyond time that the planetary cycle of poverty and chagrin of the many for the benefit of the privileged few was broken:


Irony - Gerry, of course.
You are right but not contained by regard of the unemployed. We should start at the top - why not ??
Why do you regard as the Greeks are rioting - because they do not want to pay for the mistakes made by corrupt politicians and rich corporatism. Sadly they will not win.
The British are suppressed by the Oxford / Cambridge elitist politicians. Nothing will change because the associates will not do anything about it.
Just look at the last see results and see the number of MPs who were re-elected despite being caught fiddling expenses. !
In an ideal world yes obviously they should . The real question is how can they go and get away with it ?

The answer is that even with the cuts most folks will still not be anyway near poor enough to bear part in your glorious workers revolution .

Starving peasants contained by early twenties century Russia had nil to lose but do you really think the average joy contained by twenty first century Britain is going to give up their wide peak TV and stop watching the X-Factor to join in an armed revolution which will initially at tiniest make everyone worse of and corse real harsh conditions and starvation ?

The UK can't even feed it's own population , we're reliant on overseas trade . The same is true for most western countries .

No it's not fair but afterwards life isn't fair . If you can come up next to any viable plan to share the wealth , that will not result in the collapse of human society and mass starvation , I'd with satisfaction join in .

You're a moment ago going to have to what for capitalism to destroy it's self , I predict almost another forty or fifty years , not that it's going to be roses after that . Starvation , pestilence and war are inevitable , there are already too heaps people and by then at hand will be a lot more than that by then .

Good luck beside that , I'll be long gone by then .

Edit ; Someone mentioned the Greeks but failed to mention that Greese is one of the most corrupt countries contained by the world at all levels , vertually not a soul pays any tax at all . I own little sympathy for them , they have enjoyed an artefisually large standard of living for far to long and must except part of the blaim too .

Edit ; Philip G , I didn't say the markedly poorest I said the average joy . If the average joy be really scratching around for food on lb20 a week then we'd adjectives be on the streets by now .

Reading's not your strong point is it ?

Edit ;

I believe when job loss hits 5 million, in about 10 months time, benefits are cut to an adjectives time low, and those in work are working 100 hours a week fro lb2 an hour, we might see a change within people's attitudes,

L ; Are you serouse ? You've got to be living in a total dream world .

Ha ha ha WOW ! You culture are really really stupid .

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