Can my EX appropriate my dog? Legal Advice?

While me and my ex was living together we got a dog from someone who my ex worked next to at the time, after a few months we broke up and i moved back to my parents and my ex moved into a friends flat, because my ex was individual staying with a friend temporarily i looked after my ex's belongings for a couple of weeks, then my ex turned exceptionally bitchy because i was going out with ancient friends and demanded the stuff back and phoned the police because i refused to come home to my parents house as i be away with friends for the weekend...and my parents said to wait until i returned as they have no idea what was mine or my ex's

anyways the police come round so i have to go home and sort it out, when i did i gave my ex what belonged to them and i said no to giving the dog for the reason that it was both of ours and my ex lived no where suitable for a dog to be kept...the police officer said he could do nought about the dog and it got vanished at that.. the police officer come round because my ex accused me of refusing to present her things back and said i demanded money, which would be theft, i did not i be simply away and said no to being told what to do and told my ex to come on the Monday when i was spinal column, after explaining this, the police officer was not happy near my ex.

anyways i got my own place about 6 months next and have not herd a word untill very soon, all of a sudden my ex has in a minute started harassing me about the dog threatening me with going to their solicitor, also claiming here are witnesses which will stand up in court and say the dog belonged to my ex and not me...these ''whiteness'' are merely new friends who have no impression what the dog even looks like and have be harassing me with prank calls etc...

my ask is can my EX take the dog? my ex did not buy food, walk it etc.. this be all left down to me it seem my ex is doing this to be bitter and cause problems in my energy, i see no reason why my ex would even want the dog as was not interested within the 6 months i was with my parents or when we lived together

the dog is a mongrel near no papers but i have had it micro chipped, also here is no way for me or my ex to contact the woman we got the dog from, as she moved away shortly after giving us the dog.

also i live surrounded by the UK

this is a re-post in the legal screened-off area from the pet section, thanks
There are a couple of issues here.

First, is your ex really going to spend and risk legitimate fees over a worthless dog (in monetary terms, that is - I'm sure it's a wonderful dog)? I a bit doubt it when her solicitor asks her for a few thousand up front in legal fees.

Second: don't you cogitate Judges see this sort of thing day and on a daily basis? They'll see through the real root of this dispute in five second flat.

The legal issue - if there is one - is who owns the dog? Well, you both do, i suppose but as ex have abandoned it for at least 6 months, did she not wonder who be feeding it - or didn't she care? By her movements she has abandoned the property i.e. the dog in law and as a consequence you become the sole owner.

If this goes to trial, I'll eat MY dog. Source(s): I'm a attorney I'm not a legal expert but given what you say,i doubt your ex would capture the dog..If you had the animal chipped,this will be on record at the vet..I'm pretty sure if this went in front of a settle,your ex would lose.............

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