Good Morning Brits, Do y'all meditate the yank very well do this?

We all know that the ''common'' language is ours [Americans/yanks] by right of conquest and the yank are allowing y'all to use it but many are talking going on for resenting that right, they say the brits are sissafying our language near words like whilst=while and bonnet=hood Lorre=truck telly= T.V. I say hog wipe up it is not important that we all have a chat like man What y'all think?
Eh, what the fuk are you on, are you on drugs.

After reading some of your rantings going on for how bad and cr(a)p us Brits are, I sometimes worry more or less the quality of people that very soon inhabit America, what was once a great nation.

Where have adjectives the real true grit Americans gone, where.
Some of you Yanks make me giggle. Do you own the moon or Mars yet as one of your presidents claimed once? So, now you own the English idiom, because it is the major language of the USA, in good health, well, well! Did you know that Spanish runs a close second or do you own that too? Are you "gonna" silver that boy to suit your own ends?
I like the variations of the English prose and think that it makes it a more colourful, enrich collection of words, if it has different spellings and so forth. I don't see why everybody has to deed like a bunch of thoughtless clones, just because one twerp similar to you wants to own everything. Do you have adequate collateral to own the English language worldwide? Then if not, start good mate for you'll be in it for the long haul. Lol at your daftness!
Tonterias. Better crawl wager on under the pavement from whence you came. Joder!
Perhaps rayhere we should start at the germ,firstly you americans use a bastardised form of the english language as do most british subjects,the english grammatical language is a awfully ult language to comprehend and is used by the law maker to make life difficult for us familiar mortals to understand.
What we two nations seem to be to share is the desire to love in peace with our neighbours,but the trash russians and chinese spread their diseased interpretation of democracy,in fact i find some of your wording outstandingly difficult to follow,what the dickens has king richard to do with anything,i presume you are reffering to richard the "tack hammer of the scots"remember he as all monarchies are was a total murdering bastard,
I longing you well as i respect most americans as my age reflects my deference for the americans who helped us repel the fascist threat,so good luck.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You can not be serious. Marc is probably right, You must be on drugs. Right of conquest? You did not conquer "England". Just read adjectives the comments retard you might learn something. There are other countries that have English speaking individuals and none of them need yours or any other Americans permission to use the vocalizations of their fore fathers. People like you provide other Americans a bad reputation for being so arrogant. Source(s): Common Sense Well firstly it isn't youtr vocalizations.
English means English. Secondly most of your spellings an pronunciations are spanish like the epistle u as oo In tune = toon but fortune as forchun. T pronounced D words ending in ile as ul; as contained by missile = missul, mobile = mobul . burglarised instead of burgled, drug instead of dragged canceled instead of cancelled. And all the double negatives you use. If you DON' T know NOTHING afterwards you know something, If you AIN'T carrying No gun then you are carrying a gun Favor is Spanish Favour is english as with adjectives the words with our in them. I suggest it is important because the Americans are fouling up OUR language Source(s): dukebawkes OK Ray, if that's what you regard I'm not going to try to educate you as you seem to be beyond lessons. Why though do you still call the language you speak English if you are American? If you want to claim it as your own, shouldn't you metamorphose what you call it to American? As far as American TV and films are concerned, they aren't exactly subtle. Your idea of drama seem to involve a lot of shooting, swearing and chasing around in cars and your comedy is terrifically dumbed down. Just something I've noticed from some of the TV we get here from the US.
I would happily respond to your question if you could rephrase it in a grammatically correct form, thus rendering it more comprehensible.

I am sure you are already aware that there is a spell checking facility available for those next to a less than auspicious command of the English language.

You hand over every indication of being a person suffering from hippopotomonstrosesquippedeliophobia, for this and tons other reasons, you have my really deepest sympathies.
I estimate you should learn how to use the English language properly until that time you start to judge anyone for slang
So because America won the Revolutionary War, we now own the English language....
The jargon came from england, they invented it. They don't need a 'right' to 'use it' because it's their style...We Americans took it and modified it our own way, but it's still English, it's just an American dialect.
why don't you pick a box a bit closer to home, umm how about cuba..... oh hang on you already tried that, ummmm i know canada...... oh dangle on you already tried that '' twice '' i know how about Mexico......... oh hang on within busy invading you lot, ummmm no its no good you will just enjoy to face facts your a loser......... goodbye loser
I can't believe how oodles people actually feel that you are an American Rayhere!

You are as English as Fish and chips me old mucker. The fact that you post this drivel merely shows you to be an anti-American retard trying to support your pathetic existence by rustling up support from those who don't see through your little game.


English is the adjectives Lanaguge not American English.

Your speaking a simular english i wonder why ? oh because of the British. Canada and new zealand and austrailer speak english.. oh.. becauise of the BRITISH.. who made the English langauge dumbass.
The worry is Ray that English will sooner or later soon stop being a common writing in the US and be replaced by Spanish.

As you say it will be by 'right of conquest' that Spanish become the number 1 language in the states.
Here's another Brit'ism we say B*****ks you read out B*****it.
Comrades don't take this geezer seriously, It's a wind up and he won't know how to understand your eloquence
The USA is so colossal that even within its borders we have core language variations. For instance:

-- In the South, the word "Fixin" channel "preparing to". As in, "I'm fixing to go to the shopping arcade."
-- In the west and some parts of the northeast, 4-lane roads are referred to as "the freeway", in the Midwest they are called "the interstate," and contained by major cities they are often call the "expressway".
-- Southerners often say "over yonder' as a stupefied directional indication while northerners don't even use the word.
-- In the northeast, they call a carbonated beverage "soda", in the midwest they send for it "pop,' and in the south they call it "coke" (even if it's not an actual Coke).

My point is that it doesn't really event if England, Australia, or the USA have a handful of different words. It's all still English. No big operation.

EDIT: Oh and in reference to this full "we won the war" silliness; The USA didn't defeat England in the American Revolution, we merely escaped an cruel government that I'm sure the average Brit would have loved to enjoy escaped as well. In the War of 1812, we didn't exactly defeat them; we simply repelled them.

Today we are the best of friends even if ya-all tawlk funny.
I abhorrence to say it but another dumb azz American embarrasses us adjectives again. Guys, we really have to do something about lessons in this nation, it's getting BBBBAAAAAADDDDD!
Just because Americans lost the War of 1812-1815 and have their capital City of Washington DC burned to the ground by a force of 4000 Canadian volunteers and 2000 British regulars led by General Robert Ross against a regular American force of 30,000 regulars lead by American General William Winder.It has been 'sour grapes' ever since.
What family tend to forget is that the Canadian/British retaliation was because of the cowardly unprovoked attack by American forces on a Canadian city that rivals the the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.
Shame on those Americans,I say.
Will our antediluvian British friend Ray respond to this.
Why is it that Americans are buoyed up on this Hollywood celluloid trash? instead of referring to real events.
ha ha ha dang boy, you sure took a beating on this y'all
Americans ,compared to Brits
are just a bunch of brash dimwits
we kindly tolerate them use our tongue
but sadly they are often wrong

they bring in up words to suit their mood
making english ,dull and crude
how dare they taint the perfect intonation
then brag the deed... and show no guilt.
this guy who penned the words above
tis easy see ..he has no love
for sentences and punctuation
a sordid slur on his great nation

for we gave one point to your land
a way for adjectives to understand
so if you maybe could arrange it
please don't try to bleedin adjustment it..!!
I hear you investigational language will be Mexican, so I would not worry too much adjectives the Anglo-saxon culture will soon be gone from the shores of the USA so there will be no link to England so you will enjoy it the way you want.
Your new president will bring in sure all European influence is eradicated. I thank him for this as you dumb music and movies were naissance to annoy me.

(a)(a) asker: I must admit that most of my best movies were made surrounded by the USA with some British influence like Blade runner or Star Wars. I guess it go to show you can do anything on your own, not even wars.

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