Why Australians, Scotish, Irish,Americans,Canadians,Fren… etc detest English relatives?

why do i hate you so much?

Because pillocks approaching you tell them to and some people are too dim to cause up their own minds.
Not true, im Australian, and the Brits are our friends too, most of the time if you think you are being insulted by an Australian, we are single joking around
I am Scottish and I would never support England in the world cup ( You can buy t-shirts contained by Scotland that say ABE, anyone but England ) just close to lorne it just a bit of fun really, though I wouldn't call it a sibling article, we aren't that close in the cultural and sporting sense.
Until president obama made his comments about BP for the grease spill I would quite happily step along supporting anyone that England played but now I hope England thrash the USA!
You see that's the point, when it comes to Britain as a whole we really are one especially contained by the military sense if not the sporting or political one.
I would love to see an independent Scotland but until the majority of SCOTS want Independence quite rightly it won't arise.
I'm Welsh, I don't hate the English and have never really met anyone near a real grudge against them.
In Wales we love to take the mickey out of them but thats as far as it go.
We also take the mickey out of the Jocks and the Micks so it's nothing personal!

Have you ever be to any country you mention, apart from the one you live in.
Have you seen the reception Americans gain overseas?

I lived in Scotland for 10 years and the majority of Scots don't want independence. Have you EVER be there? Source(s): It's better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove adjectives doubt Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've heard it all formerly from people like yourself, no best answers, no answers, no consequence.

Go away and play similar to a good little boy that you are.
The French abominate everyone except themselves. They hate Americans more than the English.

Half the Scots hate the English, because It's traditional.

The Irish strangely plenty don't hate the English the Irish and the English have what's call a love hate relationship, they love our poems we hate their beer, or is it the other channel around?? (unless they live in America but they are out of step with their homeland) although they hold every reason to, because it's traditional.

Australians don't hate the English, they abhor us winning the Ashes. If that doesn't mean anything to you ask an Aussie. PS, as you would expect the Aussie Ba*t*rds will say we hate them for conquering the Ashes, and can only win games sitting down. Have I lost you, well that's because you should obtain a sense of humour, you'll need it later when?

The Americans lose a silly winter sport where 22 grown men chase an inflated pigs bladder around someones lawn. I didn't guess the Americans could be a*sed hating the English, they are too busy shooting Mexican kids throwing a few stones.

Since when did the Canadians hate anyone, they even tolerate Yanks, I reflect on that is a dirty slur on those camp Canadian Police men (well they other get their man).

The Germans (who hate the French) will with the sole purpose start to hate the English when later subsequent month 11 over paid grown men have finished chasing the pigs bladder roughly. And bring 'Charles Rimet still gleaming' back to its rightful home.

Yes I know you have no model what I am on about, but get a sense of humour and hold a reality check. If there are lots of folks who hate the English it is mainly because we stuck by our closest ally, and get them to invade Iraq. Now if you hate Tony Blair, good on you, minus him we would all (Americans included) have stayed out of Iraq.
I can see your intelligence is on a par with George W Bush. Stop talking such a nouns of cobblers.
Might help if you learnt to refer to the Scots as purely that.Ask some of the many Scots you claim to meet and they'll put you right.
Actually I would say that as individuals at hand is no hate but politically...well explicitly a different story and always has be.

I see that cameroni blames the English for not having a vote on Lisbon, however the Scottish Prime Minister at the time signed the treaty and deliberately stopped any indiscriminate of a referendum. So much for his knowledge.
Jealousy, English are still regarded as the most advanced surrounded by the world. It all started here in the UK and be passed around the world. After all what is the language you speak? they do not phone up it american

Remember the only true culture and history the americans have is that derived from the English.
Do they? I hold always been made treatment in Wales, Ireland,Scotland, Germany! Not in France though it could hold been the BMW motorcycle I was riding beside the GB sticker on the no plate, my German name and english passport!

Im half English and Half German and I find more nastiness directed at my German heritage than my British but its usually from English people being racist towards me. Especially when I be at school and recently from trash Chavez!

Ironically I own never encountered hate contained by Germany toward me being half English even when I be at school there!

Personally I no longer nurture if one person is not educated adequate to keep there opinion to them selves and directs their hate at me, it just reflect their lack of intelligence and makes them look childish and foolish a bit approaching your question!
I'm Welsh and I absolutely don't "hate" English people, I'm married to one of them!

We're all British as far as I'm concerned.

Anyone who can "hate" an entire nation of nation because of some 400 year old wars desires serious help.
300 years ago we Scots had a knife held against our free and independent countries throat. By the English who forced us wager on into their union too which the people never needed. Now we have the EU telling us what too do, our country within flooded by EU workers. We never got a Lisbon vote and all because the English said so.

And in a minute we have the outsiders taking over politics and speaking for us when they should shut up. Like the non Scot David Cameron the Jewish PM along with the speaker of the house john Bercow and you can bet the Milibands will cart over labour. Three Jewish mps in the most powerful chairs in government, will dictate to my country even so it was our people who fought their war, for their freedom yet we remain as slaves to their laws spewed out by their racist voice.

Do you hate Hitler?
Do you hate Saddam Hussein?

Well I antipathy those who speak for my country that have used & abused our people throughout the centuries and still it go on.

Any Scot who disagrees with this is a traitor too their courtiers heroes and long deceased at the hands of England and it’s alias

Cameronissim is freedom
I have to see a ball at someone's head to clear friends?
Not true. I'm an American and the Brits are our best friends.

P.S. Wrong, 'Texasranger Jones'. All four of my grandparents' families came over from England within the 1600s (including the Mayflower), which means that 13 generations of my ethnic group have been born within America.

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