Why isn't George Galloway contained by prison?

George Galloway committed treason against the British people by calling for the enemy to punch-up back against the British troops. He felt Americans deserved the 9/11 attacks and the English deserved the 7/7 terrorist attacks. Galloway is a supporter of Islamic fascists, as resourcefully as fascists in Latin America.
The main is a disgrace, and a traitor- WHY isn't he within prison?
Questioner - you generalise. L is absolutely correct. Galloway is a highly well informed man and can back up what he say. Sometimes the truth hurts. Of course I do not think the UK and the USA deserved to be attacked but that does not diminish from George Galloway's comments.
Dont forget OUR PRIME MINISTER WAS AN OUT AND OUT LIAR and he held the EXALTED position of Prime Minister !!
We bombed Iraq - women and children based on a story - this is now a proven fact. The certainty that George Galloway has always held this landscape makes him what ?? a contender for prison ??
Wake up and smell the coffee.
PS: He has NOT fiddle one penny through expenses etc. Unlike hundreds of who you might call "more respected MPs". !!
JOHN D > Galloway has opposed UK USA attacks on Iraq because of the injure done to ordinary people - al accusation of dishonesty were contested in the courts and adjectives were defamation upon Galloway for which the accusers have to pay him compensation. His attendance at House of commons, he has sound - ONLY TONY BLAIR HAS A WORSE ATTENDANCE.
Look at the current bunch of New Labour candidates for leadership - truism they were against the Iraq invasion - didnt say it at the time did they. Galloway have the guts to speak out and does not car about self popular.
I think a better punishment would be to revoke his citizenship and force him to move to Venezuela and live forever. He can take Danny Glover and Sean Penn beside him.
You are wrong. George Galloway does not support fascism in any form. The message he is trying to put across is that if America and Britain didn't hold on to invading Islamic countries, and did more to condemn the Israelis for their attempted ethnic cleansing in Palestine, then we wouldn't bring these so call terror attacks upon ourselves.
I agree with John D (and I never thought I would type those words!!).

Rightly or wrongly we enjoy freedom of speech in the UK and he can say what he requests. Only acts against the state can be considered treason.

If charges against him for the oil for food programmes where on earth there is a lot of allegations surrounding him fine.
It's called parliamentary privilege, he be always careful to influence such things in parliament where no charges can be brought doesn`t matter what he says. Outside he always qualified his comments so that what he said be 'opinion' without making specific allegations or otherwise unlawful. Extremely offensive to most ethnic group, but not against the law.
He's a c**t and should be swinging from a rope .
freedom of speech have its limits and it should end the moment a man incites hostility and terrorism.

for example Bin Laden did not personally commit any terrorist acts, but he incited others to do so. he is solitary the "spiritual leader" of Al Qaeda and not an operational one. does that mean we hold no right to touch him because he has freedom of speech?

Galloway appeared on arab and muslim tv programs countless times and incited hatred and violent behaviour against his own country, and basically implying that it's ok to commit terrorist act against the USA, Britain or Israel because they deserve it.

even if he was right in everything he say about the west and israel that *still* would not justify his defense of terrorist act.

he is an apologist for mass murder. he described suicide bombings "heroic operations" and compared them to british soldiers in WW2 going on dangerous missions knowing they would not return.

when he be asked by an america journalist what's the target of a suicide bombing (which is generally aimed against a crowd of civilians) Galloway threw him out of his organization and said he doesn't talk to "zionist media"

and to top it all of Galloway give money directly to the terror organization Hamas. so it's not a free speech issue at adjectives anymore. he actively helped a terrorist organization not simply politically but financially.

so yes he does deserve to be in prison
As much as I detest this excuse of a man we have freedom of speech. I am more interested in his supposed charity and alleged financial contact.

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Are you so sure he is squeaky clean?
Judging by his young following he seems to be any a dangerous cultist or a paedo. At the worst he will pay when he leaves this floor and faces an eternity of increasing punnishment at the hands of his forefathers who, to put it mildly, nick a dim view and do not have a sense of humour something like his motivations or activities.

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