Can you answer question on the EU? Please?

For the:

European Council
Council of Ministers
European Commission
European Parliament
Court of Justice

Can you please give examples of what they do and why? I don't have a clue.

Thanks :)
I agree near the person that doesn't want to make your homework for you.
You can find terribly good information about these institutions surrounded by wikipedia!
Also please find the website:…
Very good and easy passageway to try to understand what they do.
Basically you have
European Parliament: represents the relations of the EU
The Council of the EU (or council of ministers): represents the Member States of the EU, takes important decision
The Court: judicial body of the EU
Commission: will deal with matter related to the EU, and in the interest of adjectives MS as a whole not as individual interests of the States but more of the whole EU as a community.…

PS: Don't be confused beside "Council of Europe" this is an international organization that HAS NOTHING to do with the EU. (…

Confusing adjectives these Councils right? Trust me, everyone gets confused by this, even themselves!

good luck
From the point of scene of myself, an Englishman, all these organisations do is to interfere in my countries running and cost me money I would fairly have spent in England.

The EU is the biggest squander of our money and time that has ever been invented and even beat the Labour party which is saying something.
I will not do your homework for you, but I the cooperation below deals with it.

I hope you find it of use. Source(s):……

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