Should David Laws Face Trial as the 4 MP's over his Expenses?

What are your views on the 4 MP's Facing Trial over their Expenses and should David Laws be excluded?
John D (sorry, me again) Yes Laws resigned but only from his Ministerial position not as an MP which he should have done. What is it near this double standards thing ? I fiddle 10 pence I would be sack. !! All I want is a level playing field - I am not vindictive I a moment ago want the same for them as would happen to you or I > so they adjectives should be facing the Judge and if guilty get the same sentence a Police Officer would acquire - because the Judge would make an example of the Police Officer - he would go to prison.
I bet Laws get a Ministerial pension ?? which is about lb95000. per year.
This is a scandal which the Daily Telegraph should verbs to dig up and tell the UK.
The ruin to our country is huge.
He blatantly claimed under a complete pretend. its called fraud. Yes he should certainly step on trial. As with the other MPs they will only stand trial gently when the heat dies down, and then capture off with some considerate of caution saying that their loss of trust be punishment enough.....The right honourable.....Its a title that we should scrap directly. I don't see what is right or honourable about a common low duration thief. and that is what 75% of adjectives MPs proved themselves to be last year. low life adjectives thieves. in reality the leaders of all three main party, brown cameron and Klegg were caught stealing public money, and ordered to pay it subsidise. We must be one of the few civilised country's to be truly governed by thieves.
Yes - I am pleased that 4 MP's and one lord have be told they cant hide behind Parliamentary privileges.

Now let make it 5 MP's with David Laws what he have done is no different from the other 5 he lied to claim money from the taxpayer. If he is innocent let him prove it.
Only if they all do, what he did was wrong and he resigned, a damn site more than Baroness Scotland did. She did break the directive, she was charged, found guilty and fined yet she kept her commission.

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I totally agree with what you are saying, I am individual saying that numerous MP's including Labour Cabinet Ministers and Tory Shadow Cabinet Ministers were caught fiddling expenses, why is this man man vilified more than them.

I would gladly see anyone caught fiddling expenses charged, and the more corrupt claims jailed. It appears to me that he is one targeted unfairly, as I said in my first reply "Only if they adjectives do"
I suggest the MPs in general should be charged next to fraud and theft after all they stole money from us if we stole we would be prosecuted and possibly jailed. Why should they be exempt. Hope the 5 grasp what they deserve. As you say is is not good to be govern by people that cannot be trusted. I think the Lord should enjoy his title taken away.
David Laws hasn't done anything illegal so he can't face trial

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