Can anyone assist. sold item on ebay, posted straight away by signed for not arrived 5 weeks latter and paypal?

basically i sold an item on ebay and posted it by surface mail signed for, it is going to canada, anyway i told the populace before i posted that it could take 6 weeks, resourcefully within a week of posting they put a claim in to paypal, and it is very soon 5 weeks since posting and paypal has given them the money back and i am out of pocket by nearly lb80 as it cost me lb16 to post the item, i just charged lb9 as it was my error, didnt work out the weight properly. very soon paypal says i have 3 days disappeared to prove the item has arrived or it can never be reversed, now i give them the tracking number to prove that it had been posted but they own taken the money off me. spoke to royal mail and they say aloud that they have another 4 days until it is six weeks and then i can convey in a claim form, although what with the ash clouds within the last month a lot of items go surface rather then airmail so they own been sorting through more items, hence the delay. immediately if the item arrives after the 3 days i have left to claim through paypal, after i cant claim of paypal for my money and as it would have been signed for next i cant claim off the lieing people that are trying this con. PLEASE , can anyone advocate me how to sort this mess out, to be honest i cant afford to lose this money at the moment, surely there is some sort of law that i can throw at them because i sold the item and posted it and did everything correct my wind up. how can i make them pay once they own received this item.? to be honest i reckon these people i sold to knew this and did it purposely i bet they hold done it to lots of people!
Im surprised paypal refunded them after just a week for an international Dutch auction. I hate it when things like this appear and people pull stunts similar to this, and I hate it when you provide paypal with tracking numbers and still find the shaft. Im at a loss for what to suggest other than phoning paypal and seeing what they say
eBay is full of fraudsters and con-merchants ...
... and many 'opportunists' that a fully aware that nearby is nothing a foreign seller can do (not even walk out Negative Feedback anymore) if they (the buyer) decides they want to keep both their change and the goods by claiming 'not delivered' (real easy, since the cost of 'signed for' / 'recorded delivery' postage to some countries is prohibitive for copious items).

For this reason many seller will ONLY deal with bidders from their own countries (where postage costs are conceivable and where their own legal system applies)

Needless to read out, PayPal is a waste of space when it comes to 'disputes' ... all they caution about is hanging onto their fees and charges (and sticking their honest customers beside the losses of any frauds committed against them) ...
You realize you can get Paypal on the phone? And it's closely easier to explain things than by mail in my experience.
I would ring paypal and explain to them it is totally worthless to have allowed the claim as there is no path a surface mail can reach Canada from the UK contained by just a week!
Saying that ... if you listed it and have it down as it would be sent by Airmail ... Paypal might say you should have sent it by Airmail to hold on to to the contract of sale as such.
But then you might enjoy mails from when you explained that it would be sent by surface mail. And if they replied and agreed to surface messages you could try telling Paypal that. Good luck.
Unfortunately this is why you should never distribute by Surface mail' as the Buyer only has 45days to produce a claim.
The fact that they claimed after 1 week ; knowing it was going to run 5-6 weeks prooves the Buyer knows how to play the system, and has shafted you.
Maybe basically Maybe they were just panic too soon though, and will be willing to pay again once they receive it

Paypal will individual be interested in signed for proof that it has be delivered or you will lose the claim within their alloted timeframe. You can try and appeal it once you return with online proof (sometimes persistence pays off) OR once you have proof do an ebay Resolution focal point 'report a problem' dispute.
Ring ebay and persist.
You won't be able to claim from R.M so you will own to try and bluff them that you will pursue them through small claims court for the money they owe you (moneyclaims online)
Your difficulty is it is in another continent
Good luck Source(s): ebay TRS Powerseller

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