Hi, some guidance would be appreciated for a father taking his ex to court for access to see his son?

Hi, the advise if for my boyfriend. I will try and remain very right about the situation.
They had be broken up for 3 years when i met him, when his ex found out about me she refused him access to their child (the boy is 6) for something like a year. In the last 6 months she has allowed him predetermined access but only at my boyfriends mothers house so he is 'supervised' and I am not allowed to see the child or she have threatened to stop him seeing his dad atall.
In the first year (last year) she would harrass my boyfriend, he would recieve in excess of 30 text messages per morning, all abusive and threatening. Some asking to go and get back together but most were angry. Non of which my boyfriend replied to but adjectives of which he has stored on his computer for evidence. It is clear she is using the subect of their child as a way of hurting him, she is exceptionally resentful we are together and has made this very clear.

So, my boyfriend is surrounded by the process of taking her to court but it has taken over a year now and he still awaiting a court date form his solicitor. He have been recieveing the letters from his exs solicitors and is concearned on what will evolve in court from what she has be accusing him of.
She does not want my boyfriend to be allowed to see his son unless they are supervised by the grandmother. The reasons she has given for this are as follows
- The father once gave the child fizzy drinks and sweets when he refused to munch through his tea
- The father once allowed the child to stay up til 10pm on a weekend night
- The father on one occasion watch a video on Youtube with swear words when the child was present
- The father lives next to his father (the childs grandfather) he is a recovering alcoholic so the child would not be safe staying over there at his house.
- On one instance the father took the child out for a walk, they put a coin on a train track which had a public footpath running over it. They subsequently returned to collect the 'squished coin' and the child kept it as a momento. The mother is saying that 'the father allows the child to play on a train track'

The mother is enhancing anything she can in charge to stop the father seeing the child on his own.
He is a very calm and honest apposite man, the mother is an unstable character, she has have a troubled past and is on much medication. He does not want full custody of the child, only access.

So my examine is, do you feel the courts would accept the points she have made and agree with the mother that he should only be allowed supervised visit??
And any further advice would be appreciated
Not sure "where" in the US you are but I can NOT conjure up any court in the United States going along with her detail of her points.....any chance your bf saved any of the text's?? If so he can use them surrounded by court against her....if not....tell him to receive as many as he can of character packages indicating what kind of person he is....try not to take too many from relatives....but perhaps from work, friends, friends of his grandparents that really know him....etc....etc....also report him to save any/all text messages from her for court purposes....your bf should bring up surrounded by court that she is on many medications sooner or at share that with his counsel....the only time visit have to be supervised is if/when one of the parents have done something to possibly endanger the child..which I do NOT see within your listing of things....everything he has done beside his son is normal things we have adjectives done with our own children.....I wish you adjectives luck.... =0)
I will tell you this in oodles of these courts it is pretty much bad man, bad man. However, supervised visit for those reasons? If the judge have any kind of sense he will go sour on her for even bringing that up. Tell him to be sure he has a good legal representative, he is going to need it. He will get visitation assuming he have a steady job and a good living environment.

I own some advice for you also... for the sake of complicating things and making it harder on him, stay out of their business as much as you can. Trust me if you get involved it will lone make things harder on him because the vindictive ***** he had kids beside will take her anger at you out on him.

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