Is This Illegal?! Any Ideas?

I just answered a question something like a couple with a considerable age gap, and a few other empire who answered claimed that the age gap was unauthorized.

But that got me thinking.

I'm 15, and my boyfriend is about to turn 18... is this banned because I'm a minor?

We're not sexually active and don't intend to be for at least a year or two.

We only just noticed the age difference when we're together, and not once in knowing him hold I had the woahhh-pervert-vibe.

It's not illegal to go out - I'm guessing you're surrounded by the UK in which case, you'd hold to wait a year before anything happen. My sister has a age gap of 11 years between her and her boyfriend and they started going out when she be 15 - people will find it weird but they have the same mental age.

Careful. In some states, sex has zilch to do with it. They assume that a pervert can damage a child simply by romancing them, and so it's unconstitutional to essentially look like a couple. The assumption is if they're holding hands contained by public, they are having sex or at least seriously considering it.

Obviously, states own no interest in banning teen romance. Most try to manufacture allowance for situations like yours. But their first priority is protecting children, not protecting teen romance. Don't count on those laws to be well-written. Find out for sure - check your state's law.
I thought the age of consent within the UK was 16, so at 15 sex would be illegal. I don't know if in that is an closeness in age exemption there as I don't live here. Thing is you have to check where you are getting the ask from as laws change from place to place. In the US in attendance are no laws against DATING, the issue is about sex and individual sex.
no it is not it would only become so if you have sexual relations which clearly you are not you are doing the sensible thing with regard to that good luck to you both and don't worry in the order of what other people say
Theres no law regarding age-gap relationships. Its informal for him to have sex with you but at the age of 15 it isnt that through a charge and its unlikely any action would be taken anyway. My ex-wife and I were a similar age and age space when we first met Source(s): experience

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