My fellow Americans examine almost freedom?

did u ever heard about someone an american hmm black american human being deported or hated cos of he said something bad in the region of USA? or he lost his job his house cos of he said something about USA? did u?
i never did
within england is different in england u need to accet one second class if:
ur english lang is broken
ur from abroad live in england adequate to be british
or your mum dad is from africa or other poor place
in england if u wouldnt accept it and u complain nearly it at work or to people on the street what may happen is:
u may lose your chore u may lose your council flat u may live on the street for long time
if ur immigrant and u dotn have british passport u wil be deported
thats 100% true and if someone is asking about freedom surrounded by USA than this person should move to england for sometime to enjoy his freedom.

10 years of experience living and enjoy freedom in england
Is English your 2nd language?
wow......england must suck. in good health, I'm just going to continue taking my freedoms for granted and b*tch around the things I don't have or just aren't moral enough. why? I'm American.
In England if you don't speak English we pay for a translator, you are again conversation absolute bullsh!t. Do immigrants contained by America get free housing, free medical care and money to boot? The answer to adjectives 3 is no, so how can you lose it if you weren't given it.
Immigrants get far more freedom and rights in the UK than anywhere within the US, learn facts before you spout your racist cr(a)P.
So, England is not a nation of immigrant like America.

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