I hold a Court Order maxim my ex should income upkeep - he hasn't compensated - what do I do?

My ex is not paying maintenance and I have a Court Order maxim that he should - What should I do now?
Don't hold your breath!! If you lived in Maryland though, you could hold put in jail, but that doesn't clear your child support!! My daughter-in-laws EX husband hasn't paid any child support for years, and she has emaciated thousands of dollars going to court to try and make him pay up! She finally give up, which enhanced he bank account instead of depleting it!!
If he is working, you could engender things difficult for him by getting a court order to have his wages garnish! The only problem with specifically, he will probably quit, and work under the table!! You can't stop him from seeing the kids, but you can make it difficult for him!
Gain some decriminalized advice over the issue
Make an official police report.

Simple as that.
Having issued the Order, the Court will not enforce it unless you ask them to. As far as they are concerned everything is going as it should do, until someone tell them to the contrary.

You can do this yourself, but if you're not sure I'd strongly suggest a solicitor's advice.

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