What would arise if you get caught driving minus the disc road even if you payed online for it?

i have payed my road tax for my sports car online, i have the reference number but the disc will come within five working days.can i drive without the disc only beside the reference number? and if i drive what will happen
The police would check with DVLA and they can see in half a shake the date it has been salaried for. I ordered my last disc online on a saturday and it arrived on the tuesday. As long as the police can see it is paid for you own nothing to worry in the order of. Times have changed since the rules of 5 days grace.
After the purchase is accepted, here is an allowance of 5 days specifically to allow the disk to arrive in the post. You may drive without displaying it for this interval. Outside of this, you may be "done".

For the benefit of the old soldiers, this 5 days is NOT a "grace period", it is a specific arrangement put into place since it has be possible to purchase tax online
When order a new disc online, you're only allowed to use it for five days after the charge has expired. Therefore, with today person the 12th, you can't use it as the old tax must hold ran out at the end of May at the most recent.

See FAQ on the attached link.

The offence is Failing to display a valid road fund licence. Therefore if you do not display THE DISC, you can and will be prosecuted. The "five days grace" alluded to within a previous answer is and never has been a trial loophole. It was a purely discretionary period gone over from the days when many people used the regular postal service to re-licence vehicles. It has no standing within law. If you are caught driving without a valid Tax disc you will as a rule get a seven day producer which system that your Disc will have arrived, (but don't rely on it as a "get out of detention centre card".) The reference number wil reinforce your story but is not a substitute for the disk. Ensure that all your other documentation is valid as Police hold the authority to seize unlicensed vehicles and own them crushed.

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