England and Wales - Are u allowed to slaughter yourself for personal use or do u enjoy to income some one?

I want to start raising chickens for meat. I thought as im not selling the meat im allowed to do it myself but someone told me I have to seize a licenced person to do it.

Is that true?
Allowed to slaughter yourself? Yes. Attempted suicide cease to be a crime in 1958.

Seriously, if you are going to eat the meat yourself, you do not obligation a licenced slaughter operative, but you still must observe rules about where on earth you do this and hygenic disposal of refuse.

Many areas have local hygene bylaws regulating slaughter of livestock which may, for example, forbid bloodshed chickens in the garden of a house in a town. check near your local councils Environmental Health office.
I can't believe you'd slaughter a chicken :(
But yeah, I think it is true.
So long as the meat is all for your own personal use you can take out them yourself. You are, however, held to the same cleanliness and anti-cruelty rules as a professional slaughterhouse.

as-long as you kill them humanely you can shoot your own chickens your self Source(s): my head

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