Why are americans moaning in the order of the grease spill? they clearly are THE rationale of worldwide warm..?

yeah its global warm that caused it. uh huh, once we all buy smart cars and ipads and carbon credits adjectives wich al gore owns a great deal of, that will stop the leak.
and bad sarcasm at that
Manmade Global Warming is a SCAM !
BJ (hee, hee). I estimate you forget about a couple of more developing countries.

What do you mean sarcasm?
I'm glad you're being unkind, because,

a. Man-made global warming is a hoax.

b. If it be real, America would not be the main produce of it. How much pollution does China spew every year?

You have successfully mocked the mindset of the far left. Thank you!
yeah that's true, tailgating cops does tend to piss them past its sell-by date, but it's hard when liquid courage is flowing through your vein.
No sarcasm. It's true. We are too busy talking on our cellphones and watching American Idol and creating our own little dramas to realize we are the virus on this planet. We know we own a government that's run by big oil, Wall Street and adjectives the other special interests. We obviously don't give a sh*t. If this be the sixties, there would be rioting in the streets over the mess the corporations enjoy created here. Obama is trying hard to cut that umbilical cord that keeps us from making any TRUE progress in this country. My fear is that the other roomy special interest, big media, will pollute the discourse and taint the minds of Americans into voting republicans vertebrae into office. Then it will definitely be time to go and get out of Dodge.
'The' do? Hardly. One contributor to the overall problem is all.

Funny how no US politician has mentioned that BP lone owned the drilling rights. Because the drilling rig was being operate by that rather well prearranged oil exploration company Transocean.

That very American company Transocean.

The holier than thou attitude coming from the US is consequently more than a little suspicious.

PS For all the US comments something like how it should be picked up by Britain 'because it's a British company' are all wrong; it's a stockmarket company and sixty percent of shareholders are not British... Guess which nation most of that sixty percent come from? Go on....
Global warming and oil spill enjoy the same reason: Too much vim consumption.

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