Should Badgers be culled surrounded by direct to see if it margins the spread of TB within cows?

"A cull on badgers in Pembrokeshire will not fire up before the results of an appeal, the Welsh rural affairs minister has announced."…
I in recent times don't like badgers anyway. Source(s): But mournfully if they've got TB, they've got to turn. Cows can give any number of diseases to humans via their milk. This is not just going on for cows, this is about healthy wildlife as in good health. TB in the badger population have reached endemic levels and also requirements to be controlled. Badgers are also suffering with the disease and this is what people fall through to realise or care about.

Too tons people are just stuck on their stereotypes of farmers and pilfer this to be reality. Just look at Sherlock's sweeping statements. If he made these about any ethnic group he would be a racist but, because he's discussion about farmers I guess it's okay I suppose? Well it's not, so cut it out.

It's not about "if it boundaries the spread of TB in cows" it's about how. A cull have been proven to be an effective method to controlling TB if properly organised and co-ordinated. The test carried out in the UK were a complete farce and be carried out inefficiently, incompetently and illogically (like most things the last command did). Even then the results showed that it could work. If we do this right we can have a athletic wildlife and cattle population, surely this is what everyone wants. Source(s):…… There has be long term research by veterinary laboratories in the UK. The reports show that they do not know if cattle have TB first or the badgers. Many research shows that it most likely own been in cattle first and afterwards passed to badgers - then passed backbone.
We still have 1% contamination in milk. Scandinavian countries enjoy eradicated TB in cattle but the UK are still behind, blaming badger. Overall, the risk to humans is extremely low in the UK. Getting rid of badgers is not the answer as lots cattle have always have TB, before they were within contact with badgers.
TB may enjoy ALWAYS been in intensive fruit farm cattle back in history.……

...within addition to the history of TB in cattle, cows are STILL self fed MAN-MADE FEEDS THAT CONTAIN ANIMAL(COWS)! BSE, TB.ETC
Further research shows that pigs eating comatose animal (most likely -cow) got TB.…

The problem is that Farmers verbs feeding farm animals next to FEEDS that contain DEAD ANIMALS! Remember BSE? It was an issue in the UK alone!

Why do these manufacturer continue to make nurture for the animals we eat, with a mixture of animal brains, etc? Farm animals are not carnivorous, so why nurture them this disgusting contaminated protein?

Why do men continue making the same problems? Why do we never revise from history? Source(s):……

and PIGS… Farmers are up in arms about Badgers allegedly spreading TB, these are indistinguishable people who dragged cattle infected with Foot and Mouth on purpose over their land to get compensation from the taxpayer. The same associates that pressurised the death penalty on a revered cow, with unconfirmed TB, held contained by captivity, away from all other animals and supported by the Welsh minister at the time.

We all know farmers label a good living out of death, breeding lambs piglets and calves, a moment ago so they have the opportunity to electrocute, bleed to death or blow their brains out, for money. Again they want to shoot Badgers, in a week where we hold witnessed a cry for genocide on foxes, what next?

When will the arrogant human race realise we are designed to be guardians of our planet, all its inhabitants, environment and eco system, not just exploiters, justifying everything next to money
Only if they do the same near hedgehogs, they can carry TB too.
Badgers are pests. There should be a few only and should be kept in home-grown wildlife reserves/zoos.
Badgers are carriers of TB, without question, TB kills humans, so my answer is Yes cull them,
Otters kill and get through fish and they have got into our lake and rivers and decimated stocks,
would I cull them Yes,
Cormorants are sea birds that hold found easy pickings in our lake and rivers,
due in the main to man forced in land due to over fishing our coast row,
would I cull them Yes,

Tally Ho Foxy, boom boom
Look at the crap that humans inflict on every living creature as economically as each other....Why cant we cull useless destructive human beings?
Asian people are also prone to bringing TB with them when they come here..... a disease that be virtually eradicated in Britain until recent years, but they don't cull people do they? So why the heck should they cull badger? They have every right to be here.... and so do foxes too.

So NO, to be quite blunt roughly speaking it. Source(s): NO.
If they can round them up to cull them,
they can round them up and vaccinate them just as effortlessly.

I'm not sure that the trials they have done, have shown ample of a marked decrease contained by cases of TB in cattle to warrant such a barbaric act.
There are those who believe that badgers bring TB from cows - there are no certainties surrounded by this life!

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