Can i cancel my police interview from individual arrested if i be not charged?

I dont get your question. do you niggardly when 'you were arrested given a police interviewed but not charged?'

if this is what you mean next no you cant withdraw your interview statement, it is used as proof that 1. you werent involved, 2. you were interviewed and ruled out and its a lawful requirement due to 'paper trail' regs that police must keep your statement on file (i suppose for 5 years) incase they are audited or theres a development
If you mean 'can I leave out my arrest from my police application' no, they ask you to state all things involvement run ins with the ruling, even if you were not charged, because if it comes up later you will achieve into trouble.
no it will be now part of the police store
not only do they have to show why they feel it was right to charge some-one
they have to show why they feel some-one else was in the clear Source(s): my guide

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