Hello everybody.I speak spanish (I live in Argentina,South America) and I love english.I study this idiom at the college and sometimes in my house just 'cause i resembling it.Well,i have some doubts.


I think that WANNA,GONNA and GOT are abbreviation.It's true?

And a little doubt.Is the same if i right to be heard IT'S THE CAR or IS THE CAR?? I know that IT'S is the abbreviation of IT IS,but I never understood at adjectives.

I'll do more questions about english,so if u can oblige me forward...

Tell me all in english please.

Thank u so much and i hope u can appreciate what i mean.
Gonna and Wanna are both very much slang, so if you are studying English in institution, never use either. You are right though - gonna does stand for going to, as in "I'm gonna travel shopping : I am going to go shopping" or "I wanna stay in New York : I want to stay contained by New York"

I've got is less slang close to, though not entirely proper, and does mean I have. "I've get a lot to do later : I hold a lot to do later"

It's is a contraption, similar to gonna and wanna but considered actual English (not proper English, but acceptable surrounded by most any situation) It does stand for it is "It's ten o'clock : It is ten o'clock"

Other contraptions::

Wasn't - Was not "That wasn't nice : That was not nice"
Can't - Cannot "I can't go : I cannot go"
We'd - we would "We'd throw a jamboree, but we are too busy : We would throw a party, but we are too busy"
and more.
You are right about gonna, wanna, and I've got. They are commonly used as replacements for going to, I have, and want to.

It's is "it is" abbreviated.
Correct English: Going to
Slang: Gonna

Correct English: Want to
Slang: Wanna

"I've" is the abbreviation of "I have"

When you vote "It's the car"... that is a statement.
When you say "Is the vehicle...?" ...that is the beginning of a sound out.
Gonna is lately kind of a slang term that finances going to.
I've got does mean I enjoy
Wanna means Want
They are not abbreviations
It's the vehicle and Is the car are two completely different statements.
everything you have is correct.
You're doing well, maintain practicing
I once looked at a spanish police man and never forgot him,

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