Why is "indecent exposure" unfair contained by England but not surrounded by plentiful other European countries?

For example in Spain or Scandinavia there is no such tenet and nudity is considered a fundemental human right.

Is England still strongly influenced by church morals or are they just prudes out here?

The individual thing this law teach us is that the human body is something to be ashamed of which is why we have so many depressed those who lack confidence.
I don't know if the ruling has changed but when I was a child, it single applied to males displaying their genitalia. I think the law be there to stop them exhibiting themselves to children, which they sometimes did. I remember a girl on our road having the police round because a man have exposed himself to her. Someone did it to me too when I was fifteen. I was in truth shopping in Woolworths when he came up to the side of me and put his mitt on my bottom. He then waved his parts within front of me, just below counter level. I disappeared rather quickly.
More by the moral and ethical code that was established during the victorian times.

The church isn't as important to our cultural identity as you may devise, but we are still deeply religious in some parts of the country.

bowdlerize; also, interpretation of the law is always subjective.

I could argue that it cause people to respect their body and recognize that it is something that should be treasured.
You are speaking broadly.
Details could get you arrested, worsted, stoned.
- It's not that nudism is allowed everywhere, it's simply not forbidden in any public-owned area.
- NUDITY DAY surrounded by Spain got more reporters than nudists, until recently. Reporter did not show up.
- - http://alicante-swingers.com/public-nudi…
United Kingdom.
- Technically, in that is no law against being nude within public in the United Kingdom. Simple nudity is not off the record. However,using nudity to "harass, alarm or distress" others is an sin against the Public Order Act of 1986.
- If someone - a policeman or a member of the public - asks you to cover up, you must do so or you could be arrested.
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List of social nudity places in Europe
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_soc… Yes, spain is an risk

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