If i told my doctor i am hungry and own nil to put away, what would he do (in london)?

i live in london if that makes a difference.
He'd articulate starving yourself is un healthy.
report to you about the McDonald's dollar menu. They're worldwide now
Tell you to go get food, I'd envisage. Are you having trouble with money? That's a problem for social services, not your doctor.
he will transmit u to go buy an apple somewhere nearby
he'd relief!
after all he is your doctor
He would carry numbers of the DWP and either get you to phone OR later send you to the local job meeting point to get a crises loan which will depend on WHY you have no food or money. You can later apply for benefits in the mean time!

It also depends on your medical condition, IF it's time threatening or you will come to harm by not receiving medical treatment and food, consequently you might be sent to A&E before anything else.

Plenty of people own come into troubles and have not accepted give support to or have wanted to confess they need help and that`s why leave it till there is NO money or food contained by the home before going to the Job Centre for crises money!

Sometimes people loose job and can't get another, sometimes people become off-colour, sick or disabled and some people find themselves homeless.

No point posters saying *get a situation you looser* how the fck is that going to help a battered woman or cancer patient or someone who have just LOST a job or a immature person who has be kicked out of home or parents who are high on drugs?

DWP is your first point of call for ANYTHING resembling this!
he would tell you to go to some place where on earth they distribute food for people who don't have any money or food
go and bring something

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