UK Law - Can my mum officially stop me?

I am 16 and I plan to bring a boy back to the house for sex; my mum says no but 16 is the age of consent so what power does she enjoy?
No u cant ..its HER house, not yours...and apparently you dont have ample self respect ..go and F*ck ur brains out....but I dont want to hear about how stupid u be 5 years from now.Rent a hotel room
Here in the USA, u cant hold sex with someone 5 years older than u even if u are at the age of consent and below 18....
PS **** is what came to my mind.
You do realize that your mother doesn't have to consent to anyone enter *her* house, correct?
Wow. You sound like an annoying bratty ****. But the just thing she can do is have you bestow the house. If he's over the age of 18, she can call the cops and have him within jail for a few decades too.
The power is that it is YOUR PARENTS HOUSE. RESPECT THEM.

If you are unhappy roughly having RULES in the house, later GET YOUR OWN PLACE.
in the uk the age of consent is sixteen, so people please quit discussion about her being underage here. according to uk law, she is not underage as far as sex is concerned.

HOWEVER, it is your mother's house, and she can say who is allowed in or out of it. even if she couldnt hail as the cops on him about the sex or something, she could easily utter he is tresspassing as he didnt have permission to be contained by the house.

my advice? go enjoy sex somewhere else. use protection please.
the power that its her house and that you still live in her house, so her rules, as long as u live within her house she will tell you no.

young ppl devise its nasty for old folks to have sex but alot of adults think its ruthless for their young kids to have sex plus not to mention the crap you could start simply because you cant hold your lusty urges. Source(s): HEEHAW! you may be for sex but you are not independent, you are at 18. She still has the 'power' (and right) to go ape **** on your ***.
Technically, no, you're legally allowed to have sex, but since she owns the house, she can stop you. It's not decriminalized to have sex in public areas, so would you jump do it there just because you're the age of consent? Why would you want to own sex with her in the house anyway?
you right, she can't stop you from have sex.

She can legally kick you out of the house. But she probably won't for fright of
your doing things worse than sex(e.g., drugs, crime, prostitution). Try a
believable bluff. Threaten to move out of the house if she forbids your
sexual needs. Be prepared to make honest on bluff.
underage, mom responsibale
Your mum has a legal and moral right to stop you. You live below her house, under her rules. Don't like it? Get a employment, get a life, move out and after you might realise you sound childish and unimpressive.
sex kills the mind...don't do drugs... Source(s): it killed my mind. her house her power if you want to do that get hold of your own place she can get the boy arrested for trespass
She can't stop you having sex, but she can (legally) voice you can't do it at home. If you do it anyway, she could give you hell about it. Why not verbalize to her about it, so she can discuss her fears?

Has she met your boyfriend? Does she know him? Might be an idea to agree to mum and bf get to know each other. Otherwise, you might be set to doing it at his place.

Oh yes - you will be taking precautions, won't you?

Good luck!
Does she own the house? Then yes, she has the right to do that.
rightfully no your mum can not stop you having sex
if you pay bored (money to your parents for rent and such) next technically you can invite into your room who you like as you are really a paying lodger
so unless your mother has an agreement where on earth you can not have sex at home i would say she have no rights to stop you. Source(s): my head

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