What do i do to become 51mm mortar man ?

i have wonderd what happens or what you enjoy to do to become a 51mm mortarman in the british army? coz that is what i want to be! anybody know what happen?
Depends if you join a rifle company or D or A company. You will get mandatory training surrounded by basic training on it if your joining the Infantry in primary training and when you go into battalion you will recieve more training which will see you in the future to use the 51 contained by training/op tour but if there are more capable member of your section who have more experience etc they will be picked earlier you.

Sprogs will have to wait their turn im afraid Source(s): Ex 1 Rifle A slightly bizarre aspiration which lead me to believe you may have meant the 81mm mortar. All Infantry soldiers receive instruction on the 51 while going through training, and will again be re familiarised beside the weapon system upon reaching Battalion though the 51mm mortar used to be the preserve of the Platoon Sergeant but this may have changed since I left the Infantry.

If you indeed intended the 81mm mortar then you may be posted into the Mortar Platoon of Sp Coy upon reaching your unit where on earth you will be trained on the kit, however the likelihood is that you will be posted into a Rifle Platoon and after attainment some experience you will attend a Battalion support weapons cadre which should you successfully complete will make you eligible to receive a posting to Sp Coy. Source(s): serving soldier. From what I know, you hold to do a few years in the infantry and then you can specialise contained by mortar.

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