How can someone be a capitalist?

This question may seem a bit chance at first glance but let me explain:

Capitalism praises the poor and let the strong exploit the weak. What I don't understand is why ethnic group aren't more fond of socialism especially as many biblical teachings are strongly socialist (although I do not believe in any deity).

Socialism let's everyone live together contained by equality, which is not in force in today's society; surrounded by spite of what politicians will tell you.

This leads me to ask the give somebody the third degree, why do people continue to exploit the tenancy? How can anyone have human compassion and lets poverty chomp through away at the poor within their country.

The only answers I can provide is that populace are scared or a dictator or communism. However, socialism doesn't always be determined Communism does it?

The only other viable answer is that socialism doesn't work. However in my judgment, all political systems have their flaws, the kink just have to be worked out.

Is it of late because humans are greedy? Or am I looking at this from a position of ignorance.

( I did not intend to start an argument, please do not try to convince me of capitalism. In my opinion, it is evil. )

So yeah, enlighten me! Also discern free to correct punctuation and spelling ( I don't find it irritating ).
All humans are "greedy" if you include looking out for your own self interest. What system doesn't run on greed. For instance socialism, someone has the power to nick from you what you earn and give it to someone else. The greed is with the personage in power. If you want to work hard because you want a better duration and your not able to because someone has control over you after why would you work harder? Wouldn't you just work the minimum and get freshly as much as any other person? Why would you work at all? Or would you be forced to because you are competent?

Would you think for a moment, do you really want to be free or be a slave?
Capitalism gives everyone a hit and miss to be free, and not be a slave to others. It is the most free system of economics. It does not prey on the weak it rewards the strong, hard working family who have desire and drive to excel, It take nil away from anyone.
By not anyone a communist.
I didn't know the weak were exploited. Your statement is false. Capitalism open doors for anyone who wants to take a adjectives. I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm just a pee on, but I don't want anyone else to filch care of me. Government for the most part is to big and purely gets in the approach. We are regulating our way into socialism and communism.
Fonder, not more fond. YES! I GOT TO CORRECT GRAMMAR!

Ha ha! Sorry, I wasn't gonna answer this because I've answered 10000 equal questions, but then I saw that at the closing and jumped at the chance XD Sorry I'm an english weed.
How can someone not be a capitalist? The system is so intuitive that even a monkey can amount it out. Every time someone trades one thing from another it is a capitalist act. Capitalism is not something like exploiting the weak at all. The meagre are allowed to live and participate in society. They may not be remunerated as much as the person who has skills that are far beyond theirs, but they are still allowed to produce a living.

You ask far too many questions. Socialism is taking money from the empire that provide value by working and giving it to another person that have done nothing to earn it. Communism is a theoretical system that can never be implement because not everyone wants to work all year for no reward.
Socialism is not the opposite of capitalism.

Socialism is a political system.

Capitalism is an financial system.
Capitalism and Socialism are equally flawed economic theories.

Both allow for the concentration of wealth and power within too few hands. With Capitalism, those hands are those of the financial elite, with Socialism, the Government.

That's why a mixed economic system is best. It pits the Government against the financial restricted so that neither has the power or resources to exploit the public. Source(s): Econ 101 Sweat shops are necessary so that I can own cheap things.

Luckily these days we have China for that. If we didn't exploit them TVs and other electronics, etc. would cost method to much.

European socialists are hypocrites, since they also depend on the same cheap exports. They have basically exported the worst of capitalism to other countries, so that they can look all shiny and clean themselves while still reap all the cheap stuff that pure capitalism provides.
Capitalism both benefits the weak and the strong. The part and improvement of life that allows you to sit a you computer today to ask this grill is the direct result of capitalism.

Life is not perfect and looking throughout history anyone who has attempted to be paid it so has made the situation worse and has be responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

As the tide rises so do the boats contained by the harbor and the tallest boats obviously rise the highest. This is the precept of capitalism. Socialism advocate the idea that you can somehow restrain the tide so that you can lower the tallest boats without making the smaller ones sink any further down.
If your poor in this country, there is know hope for you!
It would be a wonderful world if everyone cared enough to equally share what they enjoy but as long as you have the human equation in nearby it will not work. You will always have the powerful and rich (even surrounded by socialism) that take advantage of the meagre.
There is very little truth in your statements

Capitalism provides a medium for the poor to rise above their poverty. It gives them incentive to produce, to innovate and become successsful. the rising tide of a thriving economy floats adjectives boats. Individual rights allow people to succeed or fail on their own merits, and builds individuality.

Socialism on the other hand, punishes production, gives disincentives to produce and innovate. It rewards sloth and indolence. It spreads poverty on an equal basis. It is unsustainable and will eventually collapse upon itself; as it devours the fruits of other's labor and the capitalism it steals from. The collective "rights" of Socialism are easilly limited and taken away, as more and more stress builds on the system, until collapse open the door for the next Hitler, or Mao or Stalin. Death and war is the singular outcome, eventually Source(s): Socialism is great till you run out of other people's money You got it backwards.
In socialism the strong exploit the weak.
In capitalism entrepreneurial supply jobs to otherwise useless people.
I gotta wonder where on earth you people get this stuff. Must be the contemporary Texas school books.
Show me one biblical teaching that is strongly socialist.

Show me once where on earth jesus taught us to redistribute comfortable circumstances through the government.

I think you are looking at this from your position of ignorance as you suggest.
My take is that socialism and communism both seem approaching fantastic ideals that lack the inclusion of one human trait that makes them smaller quantity likely to succeed. This same trait makes capitalism work and succeed. It is... greed.

If a utopian society existed and adjectives people cared equally or more for others than they did for themselves, marxist communism or socialism would probably be pretty dutiful for a society as whole. But put one greedy person into socialist or communist societies and the will know how to easily exploit the others.

This has be shown several times through relatively recent history. Communism failed in the Soviet Union. Socialist France surrounded by the "Paris commune" failed horribly in 1871, and changed greatly within 1969 to be the modern country they are that largely embraces capitalism while still providing social services to their citizens.

Make greed part of the system, resembling capitalism, and it works for those that want to "capitalize" on it, or those that just want to ride along as consumers.

It creates a symbiotic relationship more so than the dire exploitation. Even if you feel exploited within capitalism, if it is a good deal, someone will come along and exploit you less for a smaller amount dollars...

There may be better forms of government yet to come, and I would love to see everyone care for at far greater than "basic" needs that are not even being met contained by the best countries today, but so far, capitalist democracies seem to be the best of the bad, imho.

That said, I am adjectives for more social services worldwide. I don't think this has to regulation me from being a capitalist to a socialist. I like making money... I also occur to think I am pretty generous within sharing it as well as information anytime I can...

Just one person's take.

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