Which will be the second European country to order the burka?

With France, Belgium, Spain and others all moving in the direction of a command, do you think the rest of Europe will follow?

Yes, some Europeans do have little version of what freedom is, it's one of the reasons we should bail from the EU. Don't worry though BNPPaul, there's singular a very small chance that this open-handed of affront to our traditional British right to be able to wear what we like will come surrounded by here. I'm optimistic that any party foolish enough to stand for election on such a platform probably wouldn't win any sitting room at all.

- yes with PR nearby most likely would be some of these people who want to bring surrounded by clothing legislation in parliament, they still wouldn't have nearly adequate representation to form a government though and you have to adopt that there'd be more representation from the other extreme of the political spectrum who'd be madly opposed to such law. PR's not going to happen in the forseeable adjectives though, this ATV thing they're on about have is just as much of a big party fit up as the present system is.
It'll be the United Kingdom the way things are going
Probably the UK, we have become the planet's biggest set-up

The burka and the Muslims who wear it would never have been allowed into our country if we have been able to vote contained by a referendum on it prior to their massive arrival.. A big UK Muslim "community" in the UK was the biggest mistake contained by UK history , and all done in stealthy, we only realised the scale of it when they be already here
England obviously. Too many do-gooders here for anything resembling that happened.
I agree with some of the answers here.
We live contained by a country that is too afraid to speak to truth in grip we're branded 'racist'.
It isn't racist to want to celebrate our country's culture, history and accomplishments - and the fact that us Brits, are NOT a Muslim country.

It is OK for us to be abused and enjoy crap said about us, yet we can't enunciate anything about the foreign citizens in our country.
It's pretty sombre really - we're turning into a country that our ancestors never wanted it to be and fought for.
resourcefully of course the uk all ways take the biscuit or the last past the post at doing anything.we will adjectives ways be last while we have the do gooders and p/c brigade. forbid THE BURKA NOW DAVID.and get rid of the do gooding lib dems Source(s): politics and government UK but it will be too unpaid because the Taliban will have taken over
Anyone coming to this country should be prepared to adopt British values and a British method of life, Britons do not dress this way, so any make an effort to be British or step home.

"If our government truly reflected the wishes of the people, we'd own been the first to ban the burka."

But Paul, 95% of those who voted within the 2010 General Election did so for parties with no desire to dictate to race what clothes they can choose to wear. I think your statement might be something of an exaggeration.

Just because you hang around near your BNP chums, don't assume that everyone thinks like them!
Im guessing it will be the united monarchy, Our government is too scared to obverse any thing like this principal on they would rather pretend it doesn't exist! Source(s): England til i die! I read it was the Barcelona region to some extent than Spain as a whole, still a valid question.

My bet is Sweden, for the closing country.

I know my relatives in Finland dislike people disrespecting their culture. So who know?

All I can suggest is will not be Serbia........
If Britain and its people were allowed to say-so what they think it would be banned tomorrow, but as our system is already contained by the hands of these heathens and the pr human rights supporters we haven't got a fate,our culture is being eroded and replaced day by morning, and instead of demanding our land and its history back we sit here typing to respectively other rather than writing to any British MPS or counselors that are left,
God ready, us.

If you want the Niqab banned, then surrounded by many situations, I would be in rather of that. The Niqab covers the face, the hijab does not.

In situations were you would be disqualified from entering a place with a motorcycle helmet due to hiding your identity, it should be banned.

If you are irrelevant to hide your face for guarantee reasons, then religious ones should not trump that.

I not reflect on that it should be banned in adjectives public places, but I do think that you should be banned from wearing the Niqab within areas like banks, petrol stations, airports etc where on earth it is essential that your identity can be established.

Remember, if you are going to ban the Niqab in public places, you will enjoy to bann motorcylce helmets. If you do that, more bikers will die. Which will be good for organ donation, but little else. Source(s): http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/…

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