Can i sue if am subjugated up at work?

i was beaten up by my foreman and be left with one worn out finger and one broken finger
You can sue anyone for anything. If you are asking if you hold a valid lawsuit, or a valid worker's comp claim, I cannot tell from the single sentence that you gave.
Yup! And you'll even get a time off since it was a work-related injury.
Yes you can sue. But they fired him so this may have be enough action. They employed him contained by a powerful position, as your superior, so they have a duty of care. It will be a difficult defence but better if you reported him earlier.
Not if the contract allows him to do it as cog of the discipline, as in some companies.
i'm wondering what you did to piss him off....but yeah, you could sue but since there's 2 sides to stories, it's not guarantee you'll win
You should have get the police involved.

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