Will America be a third world country contained by 20 years?

No, that is why we enjoy the industrial military complex and the Fed for printing money....why do u think we are in Iraq; to release muslims and make them westrenized, or to secure the fourth biggest grease reserve in the world?
If you don't grasp the democrats out of power, maybe.

Now he's shut down 1/3 of our oil industry.

Is it merely me or is he purposefully trying to collapse this country?
may in less time at the rate things are going
no, and the idiot euro trash left said the same article in 1980. But one thing is for sure Europe is becoming more and more irrelevant by the hours of daylight. Perhaps in 20 years England will be a third world back river colony in the American Empire
Will America be a third world country surrounded by 20 years?

I don't think America will become a third world country out right, but I believe many states, cities and towns will resemble one do to the massive demographic change in the U.S. You don't fill a successful nation beside tens of millions of people who come from countries were the populace are still peeing in their own drinking water and don't convenience education and then expect that host nation to verbs to survive. There are many weak links contained by Americas chain today who are going to cost us all no event how strong your link is, because unfortunately, we are adjectives linked together.

Far too many black and Hispanic relatives in the U.S are dropping out of High school and are not going on to college. America desires scientist and technological engineers to secure our adjectives. This can't be accomplished when you have so copious people from a certain national or ethnic group in America not educating themselves.
No. 0bama will lose and live up to his one term loser flap, we will get someone in in that lib, cons, whatever, someone who really cares in the region of this country and who will pull us together instead of driving us apart. America will rebound below new leadership, i'm calling for "Hope and Change II".
Simple answer no.... the world will bring to a close in 2012 so the Q is irrevelant.... Source(s): Fr Ted told me over a pint in Mulligans... Your avatar is loathsome, and NO, we will be the leader of the free world. Only we will not have a white majority.
Watching what happened surrounded by the immediate aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans, the Mayor completely lost it, inhabitants left to fend for themselves, no help coming from the US Covernment, no National Emergency etc. I'd influence that USA is no way gonna be a third world country in 20 years. I guess the people saw what happened and hold already done what it takes to stop it happening again. To stop the humbug and put in place something that works.

But then it's politics.

From my side of the pond I commonly think that the President is powerless to act, esp. when it comes to dealing next to issues at an individual state level. Something to do with the division of powers etc blah. Anyway, it's an 18thC problem which be based upon the idea of near being 13 states - think it wants up dating or something.

Anyway the next big scare is coming from NASA who are predicing massive Sun storms which are going to crash everything electronic/techno - SatNavs (which I thought be already crashed), Power transmission lines and anything you can imagine that have anything to do with communications and electricity and the Internet.

Take my advice, lay surrounded by a big supply of Spam, we're gonna be in for the long haul. Not sure when this is coming, soon conceivably.

On second thoughts, forget the Spam and buy a few dozen bottles of assorted booze - gonna need them. I mean, when the world is spinning, may as very well have a spinning head too.


Whatever. . . .
No, not as strong as we last were, but conspicuously not a 3rd world country.

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