Are we going to enjoy a tory U turn every light of day?

Today's makes my head spin I am not sure which track they are facing.

Before the election granting rape suspects the right of anonymity wasn't mentioned.

At the talks between the tories and their lib dem knees dogs granting rape suspects was a top priority

At the first PMQ's it was watered down to granting anonymity until trial.

Now MP's are to hold a free vote!…

Cant this shambles of a government just construct up their bloody mind and stick to it - or do we have to have every policy retracted, amended, watered down or purely plain cancelled?
It certainly looks that way - It is becoming galore clear that the idiots haven't actually got any policies at adjectives. From day one the ConDemmers have be bumbling along on a wing and a prayer. And so far all they have done is verbalize, talk, talk - They are resembling junkyard dogs with their yipping and their yapping.

They're adjectives froth and no beer, innit.

And God alone knows what Ozzy is going to unleash upon us with his see; as I recall maths have never be his strong point so he will probably overcharge the lot of us for lots of things we really don't want or need anyway.

I really am beginning to imagine that this bunch of cowboys may succeed in doing more damage than Thatcher did, quicker than she did.

Scary. Source(s): ** Election ???!

Sorry - Brain fart.

Budget, even. Maybe it be a Lib-Dem policy and they had to come to some sort of compromise. What's the problems with shifting their minds, better than rushing straight into things, situations may change which requires decisions to cash.

Edit - I never said they 'had' changed, only that they 'may' change. There may or may not be a tuning in situation, I do not know.
Hal, The labour group didn't follow up a single Promise. They lied cheated deceived stole slaughtered and embezzled their road their way through thirteen years of power leaving this country on its knees internally, and its reputation throughout the world completely shattered........This coalition have been in place for a couple of months. Its going to purloin generations to undo the twist labour has done to Britain....(( no business who is in power.))
It's a coalition government so compromises enjoy to be made, and ideas discussed before they transport action. It probably means like mad of u-turns on all sorts of things, and really they should have the discussions earlier blurting out the next Big Idea.

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